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Get A Workout While Dancing And Get A Hot Body

The body's desire to keep the fat off and the muscle on is only natural. Your mind will want to satisfy this desire, and by doing so you will create a more physically fit and mentally confident version of yourself. This can be achieved in less time and work than you might believe.

Varying your exercise routine can help keep you engaged and give you better results. It's easy to become bored when you're doing the same workout every single day, and that means you won't see the results you want. Mix up your exercises and do something a little different each day to keep yourself focused.

This will improve your fitness! Try cycling with only one leg. Really! Keep your legs in the seated position but try to use only one leg to push the spinner. This you help isolate more power out of your legs rather than using them in tandem. However, it can be very easy to train only one leg instead of both with this method. To avoid developing one leg more than the other, count how long or how many cycles you do with each leg!


Dance is a good way to workout and have fun. It may seem like a simple leisure activity, but dance is a full total body workout. It combines cardiovascular exercise with core strength exercise and stretching and flexibility. There are a wide variety of dance techniques that can give you a proper workout alternative to traditional styles.

Help your muscles repair themselves. After a workout, your muscles require time to fix themselves up again, but they also need good blood flow and nutrients. To help your body provide these things, get up and move around. Dance, jump, or just briskly walk to increase blood flow to the places your body needs it most.

Keep yourself motivated by trying new activities and classes. Try taking on something you've never done before. Consider taking a boxing class or learning yoga. Maybe you've always wanted to ballroom dance. Give it a try, you can never have too many ways to keep your body moving and active.

Dancing the Michael Jackson Thriller dance is a great way to get fit and practice for Halloween dance parties. Search for "Michael Jackson Thriller" on to find the music video. Watch the video once all the way through to get the big picture. Then, start from the beginning and watch five to ten seconds of the dance at a time, practicing the moves after each pause. After thirty seconds of the dance, go back and try to perform the entire dance up to that point. Practice until you have learned the entire routine. Your friends will be "thrilled" by your dance skills!


Exercise can be the eight-letter word that some people just hate. To some, it means hurting muscles, sweating and extreme will power. If exercising means this to you, then avoid it like the plague. Instead, just physically move more than you do already. If that means dancing while you are stirring a pot of beans, then do that. Movement burns calories, so anything more than what you currently do is better for you.

When training to improve your fitness levels, it is important that you change up your routine and do things that you enjoy. If you hate running, and your exercise routine involves running five days per week, you are setting yourself up to fail. Find a sport or activity that you enjoy like basketball, swimming or dancing and incorporate this activity into your training schedule.

Rather than seeing exercise as something you "must" do, try to see it as something you want to do! Love dancing? Then hit the nightclubs! Enjoy a good hike? Then grab your running shoes! Cleaning the house, taking a walk with an old friend, romping around in the backyard with your dog - if it's something you enjoy doing, you're much more likely to stick with it.


Learning to dance is a great way to get more exercise into your life. Dancers are known for having some of the fittest bodies in the world and this is not by coincidence. Dancing requires incredible core strength, as well as, the stamina to get through a tough routine. Even if you will never be a professional dancer, learning to dance is a fun way to incorporate physical fitness into your free time, as well as a fun way to meet new people.

Increasing the effectiveness of whatever you do for your personal fitness can be as easy as following one or more of the tips in the article above. Your goal of looking and feeling better can be a reality with just these simple tips. Use them to make your workout more effective.

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We hope you have fun reading this post as much as we have putting it together. If you love dancing, you must try learning Ceroc by participating in our dance classes. Julie from Ceroc and Modern Jive Dance Company have 10 venues throughout Sydney and you are not required to have a dance partner. Learning to dance is exciting way to raise your confidence as well as maintaining fitness.

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dance Workout At Home - Dancing Course Is One Of The Most Comprehensive Class On Pole Dancing I've Seen. Read Reviews

Are Pole Dancing Footwear Essential For Pole Dancing

may be the most current exercise fad by numerous girls around the world. No longer is it just for gentleman's clubs. Should you check out the modern sport it has several parallels with gymnastics in reality I believe that it's gymnastics for adults. Not several men and women would get away with rocking as much as the gymnastics session using a bunch of 5 years olds or would not even attend a gym class if they thought they would be performing handstands, headstands, handsprings. Well that's just what numerous girls all over the nation are carrying out after they attend their local pole fitness lesson.

Far more about how it can be when compared with gymnastics. Look at moves performed by advanced pole dancers, the iron cross, straight edge, twisted handspring, flag pole you will need core strength, arm strength. It's incredible for toning every part of your body. You even get a cardio exercise.

Now we know what this new craze is let's answer the query posed in the title: Are pole dancing shoes vital?

The short answer to that is certainly NO, the truth is numerous pole schools ask you not to wear stripper shoes as they're also known as, and in the event you can perform a move without having shoes you are able to most possibly carry out an advanced move while wearing them. Let's have a look at the benefits of wearing pole dancing shoes.

The positive aspects of wearing dancing footwear:

Firstly they assist you to stick to the pole. Pole dancing shoes are made out of plastic. This assists you stick to the pole. Very critical when you are learning simply because when you are very first you don't have adequate strength or the appropriate strategy. The shoes just make it that little bit less complicated to stick for the pole.

The weight from the shoe will improve your spins by giving you added momentum.

Footwear have a curved end to assist you rotate on the ball of one's foot which enable you to pivot gracefully about the pole.

As pole footwear are comparatively heavy, they're able to allow you to get a deeper stretch across your legs when you invert. This deeper stretch will make your tricks look extraordinary.

Strength offer you a much better exercise - When wearing these particular shoes you might be basically on tip-toes for the entire workout, the footwear force your calf muscles to perform tougher and subsequently your claves. Plus think about how much far more effort you must use to kick a shoe instead of just your foot in to the air. These legs and stomach muscle tissues may have to function that small bit tougher.

Pole shoes elongate your legs making them appear beautiful! Your lengthy elongated legs with make you look youthful, slender and tall. Appealing to men and provides the impression that your still a young girl with long slender limbs. They'll make you appear remarkable.

Pole dancing footwear may also:

Protect you - from bruising and scrapes to the skin on your feet

Provide you with comfort - poles dancing shoes have padding around the insoles so are fantastically comfortable

Are hygienic they'll stop the spread of verrucas etc.

Are there any other footwear which you can wear to pole dance in? You're not limited to just wearing pole dancing shoes or bare feet you may wear trainers, pole dancing boots or ballet shoes.

For more info on the advantages of pole dancing footwear and wear to purchase shoes from please check out the internet site.

Eva Longoria's Pole Dancing Workout

When Hollywood's A-list needs to learn to pole dance, they almost exclusively head to S Factor. The reason is simple: Founder and actress Sheila Kelley spawned the "sexy fitness" trend after playing a stripper in "Dancing at the Blue Iguana."

Since then, Kelley's company -- which also offers group classes -- has choreographed
striptease sequences for the likes of Marisa Tomei in "The Wrestler," Debra Messing (underwater!) in "Lucky You," Lisa Edelstein in "House" and Teri Hatcher in "Desperate Housewives." Now, the expert is helping Hatcher's co-star Eva Longoria with an upcoming striptease for their show, as well.

Of course, when Kelley, who will play one of Gossip Girl's newest characters this fall, started her pole dancing journey, there was no such thing as a striptease or burlesque class. "I learned by watching at strip clubs, imitating and exploring," she reveals. "I fell and got bruises, but ultimately I unlocked a more overt sexuality. And when sexuality becomes everyday, your life changes in positive, unexpected ways."

That experience did change the former dancer's life, unleashing an inner "erotic creature", working untapped muscles in her body and securing her appearances on Oprah and the like. "My body got longer, leaner and more feminine than it ever did when I was a ballerina," Kelley says.

Eva's Kitchen: A Pretty Tasty Place

Perhaps the same will be the case for Longoria, who showed up "full of energy" for a session last week at S Factor. This experience is quite different than your average fitness class: The lights are low in themed rooms like the bright orange Moroccan or velvet-appointed Bordeaux and red bulb-filled table lamps sit in each corner. In group sessions, a spotlight is on the teacher, so that students -- who are encouraged to wear hair down and free -- don't feel inhibited from moving provocatively. Emotionally fraught playlists include everything from Eminem to Damien Rice.

"It was so fun when Eva came in!" shares Kelley. "I turned the lights way low, which she commented on. Getting her into her own body was extraordinary because she's so beautiful. All this scintillating sexuality came out of her -- her body was smiling!"

Pole dancing is actually only one of six elements to S Factor's training, which also includes Wall Dancing, Lap Dance (with many variations and levels), S Movement itself, and The Strips & Teases and Routines that put it all together. So, some moves -- like the following exercise that Sheila Kelley worked on with the "Desperate Housewives" star -- can be done at home. Check it out and try it for yourself!

S Factor Spine Circle

1. Sit in a cross-legged position. First, get in touch with your breath because that's what truly moves your body.

2. Once you've become comfortable with that, exaggerate your inhale, pushing your chest all the way out at far as it possibly can go and letting your face and head reach up. You should feel and look like the mermaid prow of an ancient ship among singing sirens.

3. Then, grabbing a hold of your knees, begin to swirl your chest and ribcage in a circle, off to the right and then all the way to the wall behind you, scooping your belly.

4. Next, rotate all the way to your left, keeping your right hip nailed down. Then, move towards the front and make a beautiful arch forward. Rock off your sits bones, reaching your spine all the way back again.

**Use a full 10 to 15 seconds per circular movement/rotation to truly extend the muscles and engage them. Do five rotations on one side and then reverse directions. If the sensuality doesn't appeal, the fitness very well might. Kelley says that striptease classes target muscles that you rarely use: "You'll feel like 'I am the hottest person on the planet' and also my muscles are burning -- the body comes alive."

As for why hard-bodied celebrities like Longoria, who frequent S Factor's eight studios across the country, choose pole dancing: "They come here because it's high-end and because they feel safe," says Kelley. But it's also to awaken the "sexual giant" within. "Actors, movie stars and celebrities come to S Factor to discover their inner erotic creature, to be empowered by that and to integrate it back into their lives."

Source Nora Zelevansky,


By Tanya

When I was in high school I had many debates with people as to whether dancing is a sport.  I was convinced that if they could just see all of the behind-the-scenes blood, sweat and tears it took for my dance team to become State Champions they would surely know otherwise.

When people think of dance, perhaps they envision professional dancers who move with beautiful precision across the stage to a choreographed piece of music.  Or perhaps they envision nights spent out at the club where dancing is a social event bringing people of all ages and cultures together to shake and move their bodies as an act of freedom and expression.  Both are fantastic forms of dance on their own, but put both together and you have ZUMBA!

According to their website Zumba is: “Exercise classes that are fitness-parties that blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography for a total-body workout that feels like a celebration.”

Since I cut back on my running I have been trying out new ways to keep active. One of the best workouts I have found is taking Zumba classes. Most of the Zumba classes I go to are at 24-Hour Fitness and are offered at no extra charge with my club membership.  Zumba is offered at most athletic clubs and recreation centers as well as through dance centers.

Zumba classes live up to their advertisement. The music is loud and people of all ages, cultures and fitness levels dance and enjoy themselves. The music and movement are a broad array of cultural styles including Latin, Indian, African and Hip Hop. There usually is one lead instructor demonstrating a semi-repetitive dance routine to various styles of cultural music, but participants have the freedom to alter the routine to their fitness level and/or personal style. 

Some of the dance moves can be a bit risqué and may make some people uncomfortable or embarrassed to try, but you always have the option to tone down any movement. Even if you feel like you have two left feet and wouldn’t dare step foot on a dance floor, Zumba may just be the way to let out your inner dancer without feeling like the spotlight is on you. Nothing is more fantastic than seeing the smiling faces of sixty-year-old women as they cut loose and embrace the hip hop dancer within them!

The classes and dance styles are as diverse as the individual instructors. There is no set music or routine, although many instructors will use their music and routines regularly. These routines will become familiar if you continue to go to that specific class. If you try one class and don’t really connect with the instructor’s style, I would encourage you to try another.

Bruce Smith, my African dance instructor from high school, is teaching Zumba now, infusing an African flair into his class. He teaches on Saturday mornings in S.E. Portland and he even offers your first class with him free of charge. If you are in the Portland area, check out his website for more details. If you are not local, check out the Zumba website to find a class in your area.

In addition to the wonderful celebration of diversity that is a Zumba class, I also love that I am having so much fun that I don’t realize how much I am working out until I need my sweat towel. I always leave feeling satisfied and energized. 

If you’re looking to add some diversity to your exercise routine, come and shake your booty off in a Zumba class. If you do, I’m sure you’ll agree that dancing really is a workout!